iPad 2 Now in Production

Posted on Feb 9 2011 - 11:54pm by Richard Sharp

This week seems to be a busy time for Apple iPad 2 news and all the bits and bobs are starting to come together ahead of the rumoured release date. Today’s snippet comes from the Wall Street Journal who says that the iPad 2 has already gone into production, supporting December’s rumour.

The WSJ say their source, who are “people familiar with the matter” say that Apple has started the manufacturing process and they also confirm that it will be thinner, will come with a faster processor and will include at least one camera – so at least that’s some rumours strengthened.

The insider also explained that the screen will have the same resolution as the current iPad which we expect will be tweaked to offer better contrast and battery life.

All of this supports speculation of a February release date followed by a late March to early April release date. As usual there has been no official word from Apple but to be honest they are likely to stay very quiet until the actual launch event.

One thing that is certain is that we can expect an announcement soon as the rumour mill keeps on churning out snippets each day running up to it. We can’t wait.

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