iPad 2 Silicone Cases Support Rear Camera and SD Rumours

Posted on Dec 11 2010 - 5:18pm by Richard Sharp

A couple of days ago we talked about the ‘crystal iPad 2 case’ that showed that Apple’s second generation tablet would include a rear facing camera as well as cut outs for new input ports. Many people believed that this was not enough evidence with some saying it could be a hoax, well thankfully more cases have been revealed providing further evidence that the iPad 2 will indeed have a camera on the back.

A brand new collection of silicone skins show the exact specifications of the crystal case, this includes a hole for the camera and a rectangular slot in the bottom right hand side of the case. Speculation suggests that this cut out could be for an inclusive SD card slot or a USB port, both would be a welcome addition but there is no doubting it makes the case look a little odd and in some respects ugly.

Disregarding looks this is a good indicator that the iPad 2 will have a camera and extra port, we have also been informed that the ‘crystal case’ now also has a video which you can see below this post.

What do you make of the cases, are they enough proof that Apple will include a camera on the back of the iPad 2?

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