iPad apps get price hike

Posted on Mar 30 2010 - 8:35am by simon

iPhone users will be used to getting their apps free of charge or for a small fee, but those looking to pick up Apple’s iPad next month will find that the average app cost will be far higher.

Since the iPad is a brand new device, experts believe that the cost of the apps could fall after it has been on the shelves for a month or two and the developers will no doubt be keeping an eye as to how much consumers are willing to pay in order to gauge the costs of their future releases.

Back when the iPhone’s App Store first opened its doors, some developers attempted to sell social networking applications for £10 and all it took was for iPhone owners to completely ignore their inflated prices for them to fall to more reasonable levels.

What could bring the cost of iPad apps up is the fact that the device has a much larger screen and far more powerful components than its mobile counterpart. This means that app developers will be able to create much more ambitious content, but the investment will be larger and the price of the end product will be consequently higher.

After leaked images showing the iPad App Store before its release appeared online, observers at Gizmodo compiled a list of the comparative prices of existing iPhone apps and their iPad versions. It looks as though iPad users will be paying two or three times as much for their apps, but with added production values and higher resolutions.

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