iPad beats rival tablets on design efficiency

Posted on Aug 3 2011 - 6:38pm by Robert

After thoroughly reviewing eight of the world’s leading tabled devices, iSuppli has released their latest tablet teardown results. The analysts have pitted both the original iPad and iPad 2 against Motorola’s Xoom, BlackBerry’s Playbook, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, the Asus Eee Pad and HP’s Touchpad. iSuppli found that the iPad leads the tablet race in terms of design.

Apple’s iPad got the top marks for design efficiency. The report suggested that by controlling the software and hardware engineering for the company’s devices, Apple has been able to maintain a high standard and consistency that cannot be matched by their rivals.

“Since Apple controls both the operating system and the hardware design of the iPad, it is able to attain design efficiencies that other tablet manufacturers cannot,” said Wayne Lam, iSuppli’s senior analyst of competitive analysis. “These efficiencies become obvious in areas like the memory and the battery, where Apple maintains advantages in cost, space savings, and performance compared with every competitor in the business.”

iSuppli also noted that Apple maintained total control over the platform because the company builds its hardware and software in-house, compared to other tablet makers that use third party for their software, like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab that run Google’s Android platform.

According to Apple’s third quarter results, the company sold 9.3 million iPad tablets in the quarter that ended in June, thrice the total from the same period last year. With the high sales of the iPad and its continuing market domination, we are expecting to see the iPad’s continued success in the future.


Do you think Apple will continue to dominate the tablet market?


via: Apple Insider

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