iPad ships in US

Posted on Apr 5 2010 - 9:59am by simon

Apple’s latest uber-gadget has emerged in the USA and over in the UK every tech site and gadget-loving celebrity has been getting their hands on some import models.

When the iPad launched on Saturday, new owners were not just handed their device and shoved out the door. At Apple’s retail outlets they were helped to customise their iPad experience by staff. Particularly keen consumers could even take a seminar as to how to unlock the iPad’s potential.

There had been doubts that Apple could sell the iPad in the same numbers as the iPhone, but now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that up to five million could be sold worldwide in 2010. Apple is expecting to move every one of the first batch in any case.

Apple has worked hard to make sure that the iPad is not bereft of software from day one and there are now over 1000 exclusive apps that are compatible with the slender tablet PC.

The usual smattering of apps from various international agencies have been joined by Twitter apps and many others. There are also many games available and many more in development, with the latest predictions suggesting 40 per cent of iPad apps that are currently in development are going to be games.

In the US, the ABC network has announced that it will be launching a free iPad app that will allow streaming of its TV shows. This is certainly something that the BBC will need to look into, as iPlayer on an iPad would be the perfect marriage.

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