IPEVO PadPillow iPad and Tablet Cushion Review

Posted on Sep 6 2012 - 2:22pm by Richard Sharp

How do you prop your iPad u whilst using it? On a cushion, chair leg or on your knee is the usual answer which can be uncomfortable after a while. The obvious answer up until now has been to stand it on a desk using your smart cover or whack it in a dock, again both of these solutions have their problems.

This week I received IPEVO’s PadPillow (formally known as the iPad Cushi) and it claims to solve of these problems. From the photos i’ve seen this seems to be the case but only several hours of ‘working’ with the PadPillow would prove if this was the case.

What you get

This charcoal IPEVO PadPillow was sent via Amazon and arrived in their standard cardboard box. Once opened it revealed on PadPillow in a plastic wrap with one sheet of sales packaging to show you how it worked.

It’s fair to say that this is a simple gadget, but the most useful ones usually are.

Living with the PadPillow


The PadPillow is designed to be a living room or general home use accessory. You simply need to pick it up and plonk it on your lap to start using it. You can unfold the pyramid shaped part of the pillow to create a longer base if you are laying down to watch what’s on screen or use an external keyboard.

The wedge shape props your iPad up at the ideal angle for most situations. You may need to adjust ever so slightly with another pillow if you want a steeper screen angle but on the whole it works really well.

One thing which could be improved is that the wedge is free to open and swing when being moved. Although this isn’t too much of a problem it could have been remedied by including some low grip Velcro within the closed part.

IPEVO claims that you could use it as a pillow to rest your head too. Based on how soft the cover is and durability of the cushion inside we’d have to agree that the PadPillow is both iPad and human friendly :-).

Final thoughts and info

Man, lap and iPad all united with the PadPillow

One thing that is certain is that the days of propping my iPad against a couple of pillows is well and truly over. This gadget allows me to view my iPad whilst sitting or laying down and even provides solutions for my wireless keyboard when I need to use it. The PadPillow is a must for any iPad user.

You can pick up a PadPillow in six different colours; Steve’s Blue Jeans (after the late great Steve Jobs), lemon grass green, light khaki (shown in this review), honeysuckle pink, tangerine and charcoal grey. They cost $34.99 from the IPEVO website or UK users can pick one up for £29 from Amazon with free delivery.

What do you reckon? Would you consider buying a pillow for your iPad?


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  1. mobile dvrs February 2, 2013 at 9:20 am - Reply

    Stunning!! Really stunning to look at and I'm very much pleased to see PadPillow. It is very comfortable to use and I like almost its every feature. Thanks dude.

  2. Opu May 23, 2013 at 9:53 am - Reply

    Just what I was looking for!! I can not wait a single moment to buy this PadPillow. It will be very handy for my work when I stay on the way and its every feature will surely be effective for me. Thanks

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