iPhone 4 Alarm Glitch Day light Savings Time Fix

Posted on Nov 7 2010 - 9:57pm by Richard Sharp

In the UK last week iPhone 4 users noted a bug with their alarms caused by the daylight savings time changed. It seems this week the US will suffer a similar problem with their phone’s causing much upset, unrest and people getting up late – at least they might some extra sleep! Thankfully there is a simple fix (endorsed by Apple).

Temporary Solution

1. Simply delete all current alarms from your iPhone 4.

Delete existing repeat alarms

2. Set a one time alarm with repeat OFF for Monday morning

Set an alarm - No repeat

3. After Monday morning set up a new repeat alarm as usual.

There will be a permanent fix in the soon to be released update to OS 4.2. I suspect this will come early to mid December; the main reason for this is to allow developers to update their apps to be compatible with 4.2.

The fix above is a bit cumbersome and almost laughable but it will do the trick ensuring you are not late for work. Like most things this could have been avoided with a simple update from Apple but hey – at least the US aren’t the first to suffer the bug.

Personally I stick with my old clock radio – no bugs in that!

Do you rely on the iPhone 4 to wake you up?

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  1. Ian Henderson November 8, 2010 at 12:38 pm - Reply

    The other option is to set the recurring alarm for every day, also means that you have the pleasure on Sat and Sun morning switching the alarm off and going back to sleep.

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