iPhone 4 arrives, display issues discovered

Posted on Jun 25 2010 - 1:50pm by simon

The first batch of iPhone 4 handsets have gone on sale in six countries around the world, including the UK, but already there are some reports that the much hyped Retina Display is not as perfect as Apple would have you believe.

A stream of rumours have been voiced online relating to the fact that many new iPhone 4 owners have seen a yellow tint on a particular area of the display, slightly spoiling the high resolution beauty of the screen.

There is no obvious technical reason as to why this yellowing is occurring, but there is a consensus that suggests the signal strength and the way in which the iPhone 4 is held could be having an impact on the bottom right hand corner of the display.

Apple has said that it is aware of the issue and is currently working on some software tweaks to sort it out. This could be good news as software problems can be quickly remedied, but if the glitch is integrated into the hardware of the screen itself, it could be more difficult to find a solution.

Tech site Engadget reported that an iPhone 4 it acquired at the Japanese launch had a yellowish strip running right across the bottom of the display, although in general this problem seems to be occurring in relatively small numbers.

The iPhone 4 is holding up well under initial scrutiny and huge queues of customers waited for hours and in some cases days, to get their hands on the next Apple smartphone.

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