iPhone 4 shipping time jumped to 1 to 3 days

Posted on Sep 11 2011 - 8:31pm by Julius

If you are about to purchase an Apple iPhone 4, you will have to wait longer for it to arrive. It was reported that Apple’s iPhone 4 inventory is getting low and people have to wait an extra one to three days to get their hands on the device. Low iPhone inventory levels usually happen when Apple is about to release a new product, like the iPhone 5.

Two US mobile carriers who are carrying the iPhone 4, Verzon and AT&T, have listed the iPhone 4’s shipping time to one to three days. This applies to the unlocked GSM version of the phone and based on previous trends where Apple’s MacBook Pro shipments jumped to three to five days before the new models were launched, it is highly possible that the iPhone 5 may be nearing its release date.

Typically, iPhone 4 orders ship within a day, but the current delivery times have soared as Apple has likely decreased the smartphone’s production to sell much of its stock in warehouses. After checking Apple’s online store, the 24-hour standard shipping time has been restored, but that momentary slip left a number of people wondering.

However, this is merely a rumor and there could be a number of reasons as to why the smartphone’s shipping time has increased. It was reported that Apple’s OEM Foxconn is now producing 150,000 fifth-generation iPhones per day, which brings us close to an iPhone 5 release date.


via: Electronista

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