iPhone 5 Antenna Hidden In Apple Logo and A5 Processor Speculation

Posted on Mar 7 2011 - 6:26pm by Richard Sharp

Now that the iPad 2 is officially out in the wild rumours and speculation have turned to the Apple iPhone 5. Two of the latest snippets surround the upcoming phones antenna and processor. Let’s have a look at each in turn.

Antenna Rumours

Apparently Apple might ditch the glass back and step back in time with a metal back to the iPhone 5 and are reportedly going to place the phones antenna within the Apple logo, not around the edge of the phone like the iPhone 4.


Why would they do this? Probably to improve reception and do away with the reception problems that blighted the iPhone 4 when it launched.  

It has been speculated that the logo won’t actually be made on metal though but instead will probably be some kind of polymer so not to hinder or block reception. Other journalists have surmised that this will make the phone easier to colour so the white iPhone may actually be reborn – that sound a little far fetched to us and we hope it looks a lot better than this picture suggests.

A5 Processor iPhone 5 bound

Apple are obviously very proud of the dual core processor they have placed in the iPad 2 which is faster and it makes sense for them to use it in the iPhone 5, this is also inline with other Smartphone manufactures who are churning out dual core phones by the boat load.

The team over at The Economic Daily news have the same feeling; a recent article read “There is no doubt to be implemented multi-processor A5 in iPad2.” Which sounds a little like gibberish but to be fair it’s Google’s translators fault. They are basically saying the A5 is a certainty for the Apple iPhone 5.

So two new rumours, which to be honest are just that – rumours. But with all the natter going on around the internet their has to be some truth in them, do you think Apple will slap a metal back on the iPhone 5?

Via: Tech Radar and T3

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    Love this web site and cant wait for the iPhone 5 😀

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