iPhone 5 delivered to mobile carriers for testing

Posted on Aug 3 2011 - 6:37pm by Julius

The Guardian’s technology editor, Charles Arthur, reported that his sources claim that sealed boxes containing Apple’s iPhone 5 have been delivered to mobile phone carriers for its final testing phase before the phone goes into its mass production process.

He said that the black boxes, which hold the newest iPhone model from Apple, are rarely opened, and if they are, only persons authorized by senior members are allowed to see the dummy body of the phone.

This procedure is similar to the way Apple tests its new iPhones in areas outside of the design department. This way, even engineers won’t have any idea what the new phone may look like.

When a carrier receives a prototype for testing, it usually takes a few weeks of intensive tests before reporting any issues they find. Once all reports have been sent to Apple, the smartphone’s manufacturing commences, which will lead to the announcement of an iPhone 5 release date.

With the iOS 5 slated for a September release, combining the two as one event makes sense. However, September is the time when Apple holds its ‘Music’ events, where they unveil new iPod devices.

It was reported that the iPhone 5 will be released some time in September and October. If carriers are now testing the iPhone 5, it seems more likely that the phone will be launched next month.


via: Mac Rumors

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