iPhone 5 release date delayed due to A5 chip’s heating issues

Posted on Jul 16 2011 - 10:41am by Julius

There have been a lot of speculations regarding the Apple iPhone 5 release date, and more are surfacing each day. A recent job posting indicated an August iPhone 5 release of the most anticipated smartphone.

Chinese website Sohu.com reported that Apple has been delaying the release of the iPhone 5 because of the A5 processor’s overheating problems. Because of this, the new iPhone’s June to July launch was moved to the mid-August to September timeframe. According to the website, the design team at Apple is having difficulty keeping the dual-core A5 processor cool inside the iPhone 5 chassis.

The A5 chip has been working well in the company’s iPad 2 tablet for a year now and the company should have enough time to test it with the new iPhone. It was reported that the A5 chip is twice as big than its predecessor, the A4 processor, so problems with overheating could be true.

The website also reported that the company will be transitioning to a 28-nanometer manufacturing process for the A6 chip. The A5 chip, which is used in the iPad 2, was manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co.’s 45-nanometer process.

The iPhone News Blog gave an analysis of the A5 chip’s overheating problem. According to the study, heat issues occur due to the phone’s bigger battery and/or its smaller chassis. There are also possibilities that because of its new features, the A5 chip works harder than it should.

Are you willing to wait longer for Apple to come up with a solution to the A5’s overheating problems?

via: Times Wire Service

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  1. aileen July 17, 2011 at 6:18 am - Reply

    am i willing to wait? – no.

    i have an iphone 3G… i tried to dodge the 4G antenna problem and wait for the 5G to come out. at this point – my phone is having major problem. not to mention the newer software that comes out only makes my phone slower at this point… the only reason i hang on to the phone is because i play games with my family in other states as a way to stay closer and keep in touch.

    but if apple doesnt come out with a newer phone in September – i am going to HTC.

  2. BibBoss August 9, 2011 at 5:56 am - Reply

    iPhone 5 must use Android OS for the better people's choice.
    Samsung Galaxy S 2 is a real tomorrow smartphone using Android, for example……….
    Samsung – The fastest rising smartphone company in the world to launch Galaxy S 3 next year.
    More competetive to iPhone5….

  3. drew August 11, 2011 at 2:00 pm - Reply

    Iphone 5 must useAndroid OS????

    Erm, I doubt it. what makes Iphone unique is their own OS, just because Android has copied Iphone doesn't mean Apple have to resort to an all time low and use Android for their handsets.

    I will NEVER use Android, it's a cheap version of a ripped off Apple OS.

    People want something new, and Android don't have anything new now, what with their constant updates to their OS , I'm not suprised theirs still a market for Apple because people want something new and fresh, and Apple delivers every time with the release a new device, it may not always be perfect, but it's theirs. They wont then have to go and blame Samsung, Sony Erricsson , HTC etc etc for dodgy hardware errors, they take it on the chin and do their best to fix it.

    At least Apple are trying to keep things their own, instead of selling out to every manufacturer under the sun.
    Iphone is Apple, its synonymous, where as what manufacturer would you associate with Android, theres just too many all flogging the same dead horse.

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