iPhone 5 silicone cases show up everywhere in China

Posted on Aug 1 2011 - 5:18pm by Julius

Last week, a schematic for what claims to be silicone cases for the iPhone 5 emerged, which gave us a first look at what the phone could look like. Now, Chinese tech blog Made in China (MIC) Gadgets reports that the said silicone cases for the iPhone 5 are “everywhere in China now.”

Chinese trade site Alibaba.com are now selling the silicone cases for 2 yuan each, with a minimum order of 500 units. Similar to the photos that surfaced last week, the cases feature curved sides and the vibrate switch’s location is on the opposite side. The design is also reported to be larger than the iPhone 4, at 5 inches tall and 2.8 inches wide (the iPhone 4 is only 4.5 inches tall and 2.31 inches wide).

In addition, the bottom of the case shows holes for the main microphone, the USB dock connection and a separate speaker.

Some experts doubted the new design of the iPhone 5, but now, with the increasing sightings of the cases, they have started to reconsider it.

Case designs have been the most common leaks for new iOS devices. In December 2010, three employees of Foxconn were arrested for leaking the designs of the iPad 2 to Chinese accessory makers. Two of them were found guilty and were sentenced to prison terms in June.

Reports say that Apple is planning to have a September 5 iPhone 5 release date.


via: MIC Gadget

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