iPhone 5 specs accidentally released by Vodafone

Posted on Sep 13 2011 - 1:07pm by Julius

A recent listing on the website of Vodafone accidentally reveals some of the iPhone 5’s specs, as the much-awaited smartphone is nearing its release.

The product page on Vodafone’s website has revealed that Apple’s new iPhone 5 will come in four different models: a 16 GB black model, a 16 BG white model, a 32 GB black and white models. Vodafone quickly removed these specs, but only after some websites got their hands on a screen cap.

The white iPhone 4 version left fanboys waiting for a very long time, arriving ten months later than the original. Now it seems that Apple wants to wow its customers by releasing the iPhone 5 in both black and white models. According to Apple news site Apple Insider, the fifth-generation iPhone will only come in two memory sizes, 16 and 32 GB. The website hinted that the iPhone 6, which is probably going to be released next year, will come with a 64 GB model.

The 16 and 32 GB iPhone 5 models appeared on a page for Vodafone’s Sure Signal Box. The device boosts signal to the company’s 3G network and lists the mobile phones compatible with it. Many were surprised to see the iPhone 5 written on the list.

“We’re looking at how this listing appeared,” Vodafone told TechRadar when it asked for a comment. “But in the meantime, we won’t be commenting on any rumor or speculation.”

If this leak is true, then Vodafone is confirmed to be one of the carriers of the handset in the UK. It is also very likely that Orange, T-Mobile and O2 will be keeping the smartphone in stock too.

Is the iPhone 5 release date imminent? If the frequency of leaks are anything to go by, we’d have to say it’s just around the corner.


via: Tech Radar

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