Iphone Apps December 2009

Posted on Dec 20 2009 - 11:08pm by Richard Sharp

Iphone Apps Of The Month December 2009

The iPhone is the undisputed king of the mobile world, thanks largely to the huge community of developers who slave away to produce outstanding applications and games. If you are hoping to get an iPhone in your stocking this year then you might like to know which apps are going to be available to download, so check out the top 10 iPhone apps for December.

Cro-Mag Rally
Ever since Mario and chums popularised kart racing games in the early 90s virtually every new console and handheld has had a go at emulating the formula. Rather than taking already popular mascots, Cro-Mag Rally attempts to create its own brand of cartoony racing with a prehistoric caveman theme. Tilt the iPhone to steer and let fly with a wide variety of weapons to make sure you stay ahead of the pack. There are 9 tracks and 9 different power-ups to take advantage of and the best news is that for a limited time in the run up to Christmas Cro-Mag Rally is available for a massively reduced price from the App Store.

E-cards are not uncommon, but sending a personalised virtual postcard from a mobile phone is a much rarer treat. SodaSnap aims to do just that and allows you to create a unique digital postcard from any photograph you capture with your iPhone. Once you have browsed your library of snaps and selected an appropriate image you can write your own message and SodaSnap will transform the whole thing into an email which you can send to anyone in the world.

Despite the rather unappealing title of this application, it has quickly climbed up the bestsellers charts. With awards and recommendations from multiple respected app reviewers it is a great way for personal and business users to keep a track of their finances. It can be used to calculate and store expenses data, store photographic copies of receipts and analyse the way in which the finances of an individual flow in and out of their lives. An incredibly easy way to watch the pennies and the pounds in the run up to Christmas.

Some of the best apps are the simplest and G-Park can solve most car parking woes with its incredibly simple interface. Firstly once you have found a parking space you can press a button and the G-Park will use the iPhone’s GPS to tag your precise location. Then when you need to find your way back later you can ask the app to give you precise directions to help you become reunited with your vehicle. The G-Park can also help you avoid incurring parking fines by letting you set a timer which will alert you when your parking ticket is about to run out.

Distance Meter Pro
Amongst the many apps aimed for outdoor types there are but a few which are worthy of mass consumption and the Distance Meter Pro is one such app. If you enjoy a good hike or even a bit of cliff climbing then this application will let you know how far you have come, how far you have to go and just how much vertical ascent is awaiting you. You can even store previous routes and add your own custom routes if you add on the Trail app, though this may not be for everyone.

ABC Animals
Though there are very few infant iPhone owners, there are certainly a number of iPhone owners with infants and this app takes advantage of this fact by helping parents teach their kids to read in an interactive way.

Science lessons can be enthralling and infuriating, often in equal measure and if you are having a hard time getting to grips with the various elements then Periodic will simplify things, allowing you to organise the Periodic Table in a number of ways to aid learning.

This is an incredibly clever idea for an app; in essence it allows you to queue a list of contacts which the app will then call one after the other automatically. If you have a long trip and you do not want to have to fiddle illegally with your phone as you make calls this could be a time and life saver.

Some music apps are fairly limited, but this creation tool allows you to use the world around you as your instrument. Record sounds and noise from any source and it will loop it back, allowing you to build a rich aural tapestry as you go about your day.

Sky Sports
If you are a sports fan then this application will give you access to all of the major sports channels, including the news service, offered by Sky. You can stream live feeds of games and events to your iPhone, though there is of course a subscription charge to pay for the privilege.

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