iPhone gamers play twice as long as other phone owners

Posted on Jul 7 2011 - 11:27am by Robert

According to a recent study conducted by research company Nielsen, the normal iPhone owner spends twice the average time playing mobile games. The research also shows that 93 percent of smartphone users are willing to pay for games, while 87 percent are willing to pay for non-gaming apps.

According to the study, Apple iPhone owners have spent 14.7 hours last month playing mobile games, twice the industry average playing time of 7.8 hours, while the average Android user spends only 9.3 hours. Windows Phone 7 users spend 4.7 hours a month playing games, while RIM and feature phone owners spend 4.5 hours.

I am not really surprised that Apple’s iPhone is the leading mobile gaming platform, as lots of developers and publishers are showing their support for the smartphone because its platform is easier to support compared to the fragmented Windows Phone 7 and Android market.

The study also shows that 64 percent of users have downloaded a game in the last 30 days, with weather apps at 60 percent and social networking apps at 56 percent. Only 76 percent of users said that they are willing to spend money on a news app.

It is very amusing to think that mobile phones are now used widely as a gaming platform. This recent study will result to developers releasing more games in the future, which will increase the phone’s fun factor and the amount of game-playing time.


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