Iphone Missing – Presumed Sold Out Ready For 3G Version

Posted on Apr 27 2008 - 2:33am by Richard Sharp

iPhone Upgrade?The Apple iPhone has been something of a phenomenon since its release. There’s no doubting its incredible looks and the existence of a touch screen that actually works as intended had many a technophile salivating at the very prospect of ownership.

However, the £269 price tag was far from accessible for the majority. Partially in light of this, prices were reduced by £100 to a much more attractive £169. The end result is that both the providers Carphone Warehouse and the network O2 have indicated that they only have very limited supplies of the iPhone left in stock.

A more cynical, although potentially more accurate, view is that the price drop was offered in order to clear stocks in time for the release of the 3G iPhone in early June. Citi Analysts have taken the price drop, along with other factors, as a clear indication that Steve Jobs will announce the next generation of 3G iPhone (as well as a new iPod) during his keynote speech. The speech will take place during the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference on June 9th.

The Developer’s Conference has been something of a hot bed for new releases in recent years and if a 3G version of the iPhone is imminent then Steve Job’s keynote speech is the most likely time to make an announcement.

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