iPhone news: GPS tracking and Skype

Posted on Jul 22 2010 - 1:06pm by Rob

Our first story is of the “bungling burglar” type which we all relish. You know the ones I mean; hapless thief dials police by mistake, crook locks himself in bathroom etc. This time a rascal stole an iPhone from someone called Jordan Sturm. Nothing unsual there. Except the fact that canny old Sturmers was testing a live GPS tracking app, called Alert & Respond, on the iPhone at the time.

Before the ruffian even had a chance to whistle the theme tune from Dixon of Dock Green the phone had been tracked and he had been given a very serious ticking off.

On a less crime related front, our friends at Skype have decided not to start charging for 3G calls and have also refurbished their iPhone 4 app, to take advantage of the phone’s stunning display and to maximise the potential of the multi tasking capabilities.

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