iPhone OS 3.0 update, update!

Posted on Jun 19 2009 - 8:52pm by Richard Sharp

Anyone who made a rush to the Apple site on Wednesday to try to update their iPhone software may have felt a little disappointed, as far from the expected full detailed information on how to update their beloved iPhone, there was a page of information of what the new update has to offer (which doubting Thomas’s have already said most other smartphones already have most of these and more!), and little else.

With further delving the information could eventually be found on how to update to version 3.0, which for anyone who gave up looking is via iTunes. It should have been a simple case of plugging in your iPhone then a message is given that there is an update and ‘Bob’s your Auntie’. Well in an ideal world it would have been a simple process of updating the software but unfortunately Apple servers could not cope with the amount of requests and so a message said basically try later.

Eventually after many hours of trying most users found that they were able to successfully update their iPhone to the nearly all singing and all dancing version 3.0. Should you receive a message that states emergency calls only and appears to be frozen it could possibly be that on re-booting the iPhone needs to have the pass code entered to unlock it. This is a fairly simple process of disconnecting and entering the pass code to unlock then plugging the USB back in to complete the process. Anyone with a pay monthly contract with O2 will also have had a delayed service with the required new MMS service being set up on their iPhone. Again this is down to the amount of demand.

There have been reports of Apple bringing in a massive amount of security patches because of worries that the new updated iPhone had the potential to be hacked into. Concerns obviously that needed to be addressed sooner rather than later as the iPhone for most users, has a whole stack of sensitive information saved.

There will most likely be over the coming weeks many tales of woe regarding problems with the software upgrade just due to the amount of users worldwide; however it is likely that Apple will address any issues immediately they become apparent. Should we receive any news of any particular problems we will as always keep you informed.

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