iPhone Prepay Price Tag Announced – Ouch!

Posted on Sep 2 2008 - 2:06am by Richard Sharp

iPhone Prepay Prices O2 has held its hands up and released pricing details for the prepay iPhone 3G and it’s quite a price tag considering the phone has few features that aren’t surpassed on other devices that cost considerably less. News is that £350 will buy you this “high end” phone that includes such glorious technical specifications as a 2MP camera.

What’s more you won’t receive a couple of the more popular features such as call merging and video voice mail if you opt for Pay As You Go. Considering the £99 price tag with a monthly tariff it must be safe to assume that they really don’t want to sell any of these handsets on any kind of deal except a contract deal.

For all of the chat about how the phone offers low specs for such a high price tag, it’s still virtually guaranteed to sell out in at least a couple of countries. It seems there are Apple lovers everywhere that ignore all sense and reason in order to own overpriced, labelled products. The iPhone was ground breaking when it was first released but the lack of various upgraded features and this news of a minimum £350 prepay price tag makes it less than appealing.

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