Nokia Tops The Most Popular Brands But N-Gage 4th Most Hated

Posted on May 15 2008 - 1:34am by Richard Sharp

Nokia - The Most Loved BrandMarketing magazine has conducted its fourth annual survey on the most popular and least popular brands in the country. It’s perhaps not that surprising to learn that 6 of the top 10 most popular are tech related brands but more surprisingly (considering how annoying some tech gadgets can be) only 3 of the least popular are in this same technology genre.

Nokia is the most popular brand according to the survey with iPod, O2, Facebook, Virgin Media, and BBC completing an impressive line up. Notably, the three that feature in the least popular category are AOL falling in behind only McDonalds, N-Gage, and 3.

Such are the way with these brands, though, many of them feature highly in both lists. (Thanks to T3 for doing the leg work on this one by the way) The five most popular handheld gadgets provide an identical, albeit dishevelled, list of the five least popular – iPod, Nintendo DS, Sony Walkman, Sony PSP and N-Gage.

The Marketing Magazine is typically read by a demographic of people that like gadgets and are technologically savvy. So, do you love or hate these brands? Do surveys like this actually mean anything?

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  1. Paul May 15, 2008 at 2:39 pm - Reply

    I have to agree with the Nokia love! I have had other phones in the past and have always returned to the nokia. On the whole they are really easy to use and boast a lot of useful features. I love my Nokia N95 and it would take something really special to replace it. I also love the BBC, especially the new iplayer which is great.

    I was a tad dissapointed to see ipod in the most hated category as I could not do without mine.

  2. Matt May 15, 2008 at 11:11 pm - Reply

    I’ve long been a fan of the BBC on the net, their website is awesome. Not a particular fan of the iPod though to be honest. I feel you can get a lot more for your money, but that’s just personal preference.

    The iPlayer is taking over the world.

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