Is It Time for a Star Wars Drone?

Posted on Aug 4 2016 - 12:12pm by Robert

Let’s face it; at some point in their lives every sci-fi fan has dreamed of having their own Millennium Falcon to fly.

While we might never get to take on Darth Vader (although we aren’t ruling it out yet), there is a new Millennium Falcon drone for sale that lets us complete at least part of our dreams.

This drone can fly at up to 50mph and can do 360 degree tricks. It can even get involved in rollocking good laser fights with other drones. In fact, the description says that you can get into battle with up to a couple of dozen other drones, which just sounds too exciting for words.

Extremely Detailed Models


The Star Wars drone comes from Propel and they said that each one is “extremely detailed”. The company also points out that they each come in a “collectable display box”. However, we would imagine that most people would be keen to get the thing out of the box and get it flying as soon as possible.

Other models available in the range include the Speeder Bike, TIE-Fighter and X-Wing crafts. No UK release date has been mentioned for them as yet, although the US price is said to be between $200 and $300 (£150-£230).

While you can pre-order a Stars Wars Done right now, don’t expect them to be filling our skies right now. They are apparently going to be shipped out to customers at some point during the coming winter.

What is the first thing you would do once you got your hands on your own Millennium Falcon drone?


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