Is the Self-Stirring Mug an Ideal Gadget Christmas Present?

Posted on Nov 27 2014 - 1:27pm by Paul

If you are looking for the ideal Christmas present for this year then maybe you have already started casting your eyes towards the range of gadgets on offer.

There are plenty on offer, ranging from absolutely brilliant to completely useless. So where does the self-stirring mug fit into this range of possible festive gifts?

The first point to bear in mind is that the physical act of moving a liquid in a circular motion to mix it is essential in the preparation of many beverages. Have you often suffered from a sugary sludge at the bottom of your cappuccino due to a lazy or weak stirring action? This is the kind of problem that this mug can resolve for you or a friend.

It comes with a stainless steel finish and a snap-lock lid that keeps your freshly stirred drinks warm for longer. But how does the stirring action work?

Press the Button and Away It Goes


First of all, you need to pop in a couple of AAA batteries before filling it up. Then press the button on the handle and watch as, hey, it stirs without any spoon-related intervention. This is because it has a little disc on the bottom that spins around and moves the liquid with it.

Things get even better once you have enjoyed your favourite drink. Instead of having to look out your usual cleaning implements you just need to pour in some soapy water and press that button again. Cleaning a self-stirring mug is almost as much fun as drinking from it.

Do you know someone whose life could be improved by using a mug like this?

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