Is This the iPhone 5C?

Posted on Sep 3 2013 - 5:54pm by Robert

With the world patiently holding its breath and waiting for the new Apple phone pictures have been released which might show it in its packaging. Or they might not.

The iPhone 5C is expected to be launched as a budget version of the new iPhone 5 very soon. In fact, the 9th of September is the date pencilled in by industry experts as being when the new phones will probably be launched.

Not too long ago there were some photos leaked which showed a packaging not too dissimilar to the iPod’s packaging. Now, these new pictures give us a glimpse of the phone itself in a type of packaging very similar to that which was featured in those earlier photos.

Does It Even Exist?

5cThe photos haven’t been officially verified or denied at the moment, so we are left wondering whether this is the much awaited iPhone 5C or not. The amount of leaked photos and videos we have seen would certainly seem to suggest that a budget version of the iPhone 5 does actually exist, at least.

It is expected that both the iPhone 5 and the lower cost, plastic cased iPhone 5C will be put on sale a couple of weeks after they been announced at a high profile event. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Apple employees have had annual leave cancelled for the last couple of weeks in September, which suggests that this could be the period in which the new phones are put up for sale.

It has been suggested that the iPhone 5C could be price as low as £230 in the UK. Would you buy one at the price?

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