iTunes 8 Released In Less Than A Week

Posted on Sep 5 2008 - 1:54am by Richard Sharp

iTunes 8The latest incarnation of the iTunes software is set for release in under a week but there’s some leaked information doing the rounds before the Let’s Rock event that is scheduled as part of that release. Perhaps the most intriguing feature is the Music Genius feature, which is an intelligent system that can create play lists of tracks that would allegedly sound good together. In the spirit of obnoxious cross over sales this will also include links to brainwash you into buying other tracks that would complement your play list.

The browser, explorer interface has been updated to an apparently more user friendly version and the equaliser has also been subjected to a similar fate and an equally similar “better” tag. Aside from the ability to download HD shows and films that’s pretty much the extent of the changes although Apple are bound to make some indescribable and virtually useless tweaks and sell them as being major changes.

The release is set for 9th September when Apple will be holding a Let’s Rock event in order to unleash iTunes 8 on the poor, unsuspecting world of Apple owners. Precise details of the new features will be available at this time, obviously, although a couple more tasty morsels might just be conveniently leaked to continue whetting your appetites.

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