iTwin plug-and-play USB device now supports Mac OS X

Posted on Aug 24 2011 - 10:11am by Julius

For those of you who want to transfer files between two computers, regardless if you are running on Mac or Windows platform, a new device has been created for you. The iTwin is a USB device that allows you to securely access, edit and share all your files from anywhere around the world. The iTwin can now support Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion.

This upgrade to the award-winning USB device will enable a bigger audience to access their files from anywhere.

The iTwin provides plug-and-play simplicity while protecting your files by using “End-to-End military-grade encryption” and “2-Factor Authentication.” Its users no not have to pay monthly fees and it is only limited by your computer’s hard disk space.

“We have been working to improve iTwin, for both consumers and small businesses,” said iTwin co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Lux Anantharaman. “Now with OS X support, iTwin users will be able to use iTwin with their Macs too. We have acted on our users’ feedback and are equally excited about this much-requested upgrade.”

The iTwin is now used by people around the world. Phillip Schaffman, a veteran sales professional who travel for business, said that he doesn’t trust USB flash drives and cloud storage to keep his sensitive files. He uses the iTwin to access what he needs when he needs it, “and with the peace of mind that it is safe from prying eyes.”

The iTwin is now available for $99 at Existing iTwin users can get the new upgrade from its website.

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