iVIP launch limited edition Apple iPhone 4’s for millionaires

Posted on Mar 31 2011 - 9:38pm by Richard Sharp

iVIP, a brand for the rich and famous, have launched a range of iPhone 4 smartphones that would make Kanye West with his gold teeth look like a tramp. Prices start off at a somewhat meek £2,000, I say meek because the prices top out at £1 million in the standard range with customised versions costing even more.

They are available in 24 carat gold, platinum and of course covered in diamonds (if you like that sort of thing). The phones can only be purchased by owners of the iVIP iPhone app, which doesn’t come cheap either. In fact the site doesn’t even have a price list for the iPhone’s, many of the comments on the page ask for some where as others sensibly point out “if you have to ask then you probably can’t afford one anyway”.

You may have heard of the iVIP apps that unlock exclusive venues and deals for the millionaires amongst you. The app comes in a number of flavours with the range topping one costing £599 – this sets off a partnership between iVIP and the app owner who provides proof of earnings in return for planning of their wealthy lifestyle – sounds a bit crazy but is no doubt popular with the rich and famous.

For their ‘investment’ users receive perks such as free champagne on arrival, butlers, offers, entry to VIP events and more – surely millionaires can afford these types of things anyway?

Do you know anyone with an iVIP app or fancy an iPhone 4 encrusted with diamonds?

Take a look at the handsets at iVIP

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