JOBY Announce GorillaPod Range for Apple iPad 2

Posted on Jun 10 2011 - 1:33pm by Richard Sharp

Joby, the guys behind the Gorrilapod tripod and camera stand have just sent us word of a new range of products for the Apple iPad 2. The range comprises of two devices, the GorillaMobile Ori is a clever iPad 2 stand that folds flat into a case and the GorillaMobile Yogi provides a more familiar GorrilaPod experience, with flexible arms that can stand rigid or wrap around objects.

Both models were initially designed for the iPad, a new line has been created for iPad 2 owners. Both devices allow handsfree use of the iPad 2, meaning effortless Facetime and steady camera shots are now a reality. The nice thing about the Ori is that the iPad 2’s screen can be tilted and elevated to suit your line of site, ideal if you are using it on a desk to talk with people, you can even flip the case on its back to provide an ergonomic position for typing.

Yogi provides two flexible arms that can be wrapped around nearly any object to provide a stable platform for your iPad 2, as I said before this is a more traditional use for the GorrilaPod and will be an accessory that many users will find invaluable.

“Apple has revolutionized the way people experience technology and JOBY’s products further amplify that experience,” says JOBY CEO, Forrest Baringer-Jones. “The elegant yet functional design of Ori and Yogi deliver hands-free experiences that elevate the utility of the device. We are excited about the addition of the camera to the iPad 2 and our unique ability to maximize its utility based on our success in the photography industry.”

We will let you know once we have reviewed both products, if you can’t wait then you’ll want to know the GorillaMobile Ori for iPad 2 costs £54.95 and the GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad 2 retails for £34.95. Both products are available for buy today from JOBY and will also be available soon from Amazon.

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