Ketchup with Mates via the Heinz Facebook Page

Posted on Mar 6 2011 - 11:01pm by Richard Sharp

Heinz is known all over the globe for producing some of tastiest condiments around and they are set to release a new flavour of their ketchup. Nothing revolutionary there but the way they are promoting and selling the first 3,000 bottles is – they plan to do it on Facebook.

The balsamic vinegar edition is the first variation of the original sauce and the company has made it available for purchase via their official facebook page. But like most things marketed on Facebook consumers will have ‘like’ the page before they can buy a bottle.

This will allow them to share their purchase with their mates; on average this is around 130 people so at the very least the 3,000 bottles will be spread amongst 390,000 other people – this shows the amazing power facebook has.

After this initial push on the worlds largest social networking site Heinz plans to role out just over a million more bottles in supermarkets, so if you miss the online opportunity you can just pop down to your local shop to pick up a bottle.

Heinz head of marketing, Ian McCarthy certainly understands the power of social, he said: “Social media is increasingly at the forefront of this consumer consumption evolution which is why we’ve decided to use our popular UK Facebook page to ensure our most loyal fans get the chance to try Heinz Tomato Ketchup with Balsamic Vinegar before anyone else. We are anticipating demand will be high and the product will sell out in days.”

It seems like a great idea, after all Facebook is a great place to ketchup with mates ;-).

Via: Press association

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