Key Dish

Posted on Nov 19 2008 - 5:13am by David Gray

KEYDISH.jpgHow many times have you come in from the car put down your keys only to find they have gone a few minutes later? How many times have you lost your house keys? Are you one of these people who carry small change in your pockets?

This simple Key Dish offers a useful storage facility for your keys and your loose change in order that you can keep track and know exactly where they are. No more losing your keys when you come in from a night on the town, no more small change falling out of your pockets and no more time wasted searching everywhere around the house.

Moulded in the figure of an actual key you can place this Key Dish anyway you like although most people may choose to place it somewhere near the door. The shiny surface of the key bowl ensures that you can see at a glance which keys are accounted for and the small change will see that you don’t go short on your next visit to the shops.

When you look at the Key Dish it is something that looks so simple, is so simple but why do we never think of it ourselves?

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