Keyless Lifebook Keyboard allows custom layouts

Posted on May 13 2011 - 6:11pm by Richard Sharp

The Fujitsu Design awards are an event that allows the most talented minds and creative sorts from all over the world to let loose with new ideas. No concept is turned away so long as it’s useful, one such concept is the Keyless Lifebook. The Lifebook is a keyboard that is truly customisable, it uses a tablet like screen which can be easily programmed to show a variety of keys, layouts and buttons.

The concept is like a modern day ergonomic keyboard, the key difference is that users can choose where to place the keys and in fact what is actually displayed. Other nice touches include the ability to change the colour of the entire keyboard or even individual keys and because it’s based on a projection it can work effortlessly in a number of languages.

The Lifebook also offers full gesture control similar to the magic trackpad used on Apple iMacs, this multi gesture control means you can enlarge photos by pinching, rotate them twisting your fingers and swipe to flick through a gallery. The keyboard itself looks a little like the Razer Switchblade but offers a whole heap more customisation. At this stage it looks like the concept is attached to a notebook, presumably because the software is pretty complex and can’t be used in a standalone keyboard yet.

When it can though every PC owner will surely be scrambling to get their mitts on it!

Source: Design Boom


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