Kindle eReader coming to Android smartphones

Posted on May 20 2010 - 1:43pm by simon

Amazon has said that it will be opening up its eBook catalogue to Android-based smartphone owners in a bid to expand into new markets and a new Kindle app will be ported to the platform.

Amazon already sells stand-alone Kindle devices which are intended to excel as eBook reading gadgets, but it has already created an app for the iPhone which enables Kindle content to be accessed by mobile users.

The Android version of the Kindle app will be more impressive than its iPhone counterpart, largely because it will allow users to purchase eBooks directly from their phones, rather than requiring them to buy them on their Kindle or PC and then transfer them over.

With over half a million books available in the Kindle library and with new publications being added continuously, Android users will be able to access an almost limitless number of titles from the past and present. The Kindle app allows you to transfer books you have already purchased using the service over to your smartphone, so there is no need to make repeat purchases.

The Kindle Store is an ideal hub for fans of literature, as it lets them peruse the latest releases, download classic books that are out of copyright free of charge and even check out reader reviews and submit their own musings on a book that they have enjoyed – or not!

The Android version of the Kindle app has been optimised for the platform, complete with intuitive touchscreen controls and accelerometer sensitivity to automatically switch between landscape and portrait orientation.

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