Kitsound BoomDock Docking Station Review

Posted on Jul 14 2010 - 11:32am by Rob

Now then. Now then. Now then. What do we have here, eh? A docking speaker system for your iPod or iPhone you say. Pull the other one young man, that puny thing could never deliver a refined bass sound. Let’s have a little look and find out what it really is.


Nifty thing isn’t it? It’s not the most compact docking station in the world but just stick your iPod on this and you have got yourself a very nice and modern stereo system set up, you lucky devil.

Notable Specifications

It has certainly got the power to impress, turn it up full and watch as your neighbours all run out to their gardens to see what has happened. Then turn it down low and appreciate the full range of the Kitsound BoomDock Docking Station. The audio jacks are standard, so you should be able to use it with a variety of other musical equipment. There is also a built in radio and clock. Oh, and there’s a 13 cm subwoofer tucked in there


At under 100 pounds this is a much better option, price wise, than many docking stations out there. And with the quality being so good we are looking at the very definition of the word value.


This docking station has enough power to maintain the tinnitus levels of even the most demanding music fan. It looks cool and the price is very good. All in all that sounds like a thumbs up to me.

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