Lego Super Star Destroyer Requires Force Like Skills

Posted on Jun 18 2011 - 6:08pm by Thomas Sharp

Do you know what you want for christmas yet? By the end of this article you will if you are a Star Wars and/or Lego Fan. The Danish firm has announced a brand new Super Star Destroyer which will measure a mighty 4 foot long.

Weighing 8 pounds, measuring 50 inches and including 3,152 Lego bricks this is one project for the real Lego enthusiast. It will go on sale on September 1st 2011 costing $400, which means a rough UK retail price of £248!

Like other large Lego models this one will have removable parts which will reveal some internal structures, the command bridge will house instruments and Lego Mini Figures which will include Darth Vadar and his brainwashed henchmen.

Lego will be selling the set in their branded stores and via their own website, at this stage it looks as if numbers of this behemoth will be pretty low and won’t be available in your local toy shop.

What do you think of this latest Lego Star Wars Model? Do you have the force like skills to build this beauty?

See more pictures at Cnet.

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