Lego Worlds Game to Take on Minecraft

Posted on Jun 4 2015 - 12:56pm by Robert

The latest new Lego product to get launched is called Lego Worlds, and it looks pretty exciting.

Basically, it is a creative construction video game that is already being spoken about as a possible strong rival to the wildly popular Minecraft.

The Danish company behind Lego have already brought out an initial version of the game on the Steam gaming platform, at a cost of £11.99. New features will be added according to public feedback and the final version is expected to be release next year.

A New Type of Lego Experience


TT Games are behind Lego Worlds and their managing director is called Tom Stone. He said that this new release takes the classic fun of building with Lego bricks onto a digital platform for an “entirely new type of experience”.

The creative possibilities on this new game are described by Stone as “endless”, thanks to the brick by brick editor, the huge range of objects and the characters and creatures out there.

Markus Persson is the Swedish games developer behind Minecraft. He has said in the past that he is a fan of Lego and the bosses at Lego are quoted as believing that he will be “flattered” by their new game. In fact, Lego marketing director David Gram called Minecraft “digital Lego” and only last year said that they wish they had invented it.

Minecraft was bought by Microsoft last year and is known for being popular with grownups and kids alike. It remains to be seen what kind of audience is attracted to Lego Worlds but it seems as though the chaps at Lego think that there is room in the market for both games.

Do you want to give this game a try?


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