Let DJ Cat Bring Down the House with a Cat Scratch Turntable

Posted on Sep 14 2013 - 10:55am by Paul

If you have a cat then you already know the importance of giving him somewhere to scratch. Somewhere other than your leg, the carpet, the sofa or the curtains, that is. Scratching posts are necessary objects for cat lovers but the majority are pretty ugly and, well, dull. If only someone would invent a funny one. Hold on…

Now you can let the cat in your life scratch away to his heart’s content while he pretends to play some funky house tunes as well. The Cat Scratch Turntable costs $42 (£28) and will let your hairy DJ make even more blooming noise then he already does, even if the turntable doesn’t make any real groovy tunes. It just spins round and round while the cat looks all cool and puts on his best dance moves for the ladies in the crowd.

Get the Party Going

catTo use it the little tyke just needs to saunter over and scratch his claws on the special scratching post type turntable and soon the party will be in full swing, or at least everyone will be laughing at him looking like a miniature, hairy DJ.  Whether or not your cuddle feline displays the talent of a top DJ or not, everyone is sure to have a lot of fun watching him do his stuff.

Of course, whether or not you then decide to let him loose with a real DJ turntable at your next birthday party is up to you.

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