Lexmark Interact S605 Multifunction Inkjet Printer Review

Posted on Jul 11 2010 - 4:53pm by Rob

I remember once reading that Earth timeline article where the whole history of the planet is condensed into one day. Don’t be coy, you know the one I mean. The dinosaurs don’t appear until around 11pm and humans appear at about 1 minute to midnight. Why do I bring this up now? I was just thinking about the incredibly rapid pace of development and change in the technological world, that’s all. On the timeline mentioned computers appear just as the minute hand is brushing the 12, yet we live in an age where we are so used to being offered increasingly smaller, faster and better machines as though it was no big deal. It seems like not so long ago that I worked in a fairly modern office and used a huge printer that churned out badly printed, scrunched up, scalding hot copies at a rate of about 2 an hour. Now you buy a little printer like the Lexmark Interact S605 Multifunction Inkjet, which performs a lot better and costs only..ah wait, we need to keep some sort of tension in here don’t we.


It’s got a 4.3” web enabled touch screen and it is just about light and compact enough for you carry it throughout a three legged race without any real problems.


It is one of those three in one machines which we all love; it scans, it copies and it prints. When I come to think about it my office had a huge separate photocopier as well. The print speed on mono is up to 33ppm and on colour 30ppm. 2400X1200 dpi resolution is offered. It also has integrated wireless capabilities.


You know how it works. Mr Computer speaks to his friend, Miss Internet, and after a bit of harmless flirting she gives him the good news. In this case the good news is that if you have one hundred pounds then you have a penny too much to buy the Lexmark Interact S605 Multifunction Inkjet Printer.


Have you got a small office? Do you often print travel tickets or concert tickets? Do you copy inflammatory pamphlets for a revolutionary faction which is going to bring down the establishment? Whatever your printing, copying and scanning needs are you would do well to bear this little printer in mind.

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