LG Delays Launch Of Tablet To Concentrate On Competing With iPhone

Posted on Oct 4 2010 - 10:50am by Matt Jackson

A variety of manufacturers have outed themselves, saying that they will create an iPad competing tablet but very few companies have actually managed to produce the goods.

You can’t count the likes of the Next tablet as being a competitor to the iPad because it simply doesn’t stack up in terms of specification. It is, at best, a budget tablet PC costing less than £200 and with some pretty major issues especially regarding its lack of multi-touch.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab looks as though it will be the nearest rival for the iPad when it is finally launched at the beginning of next month.

LG has previously stated that it would produce a tab to compete with the iPad but it seems that they’re taking the long view by waiting in order to determine just how much worth there is in creating a tablet PC. The success of the iPad is a strange phenomenon – the device is far from cheap and yet it can do very little that considerably less expensive and more practical items can do. In fact, the typicaly smartphone offers virtually all of the same functions but fits conveniently into one’s pocket.

Apple is the leading brand in technology and it seems that as soon as they release any product it is met by a fanfare of epic proportions. The iPhone, at least, offers usability and functionality while also being cool. We, like many others, struggle to see the true worth in the iPad.

LG would seem to be inclined to agree. It is reported that they have the hardware ready to go but instead of spending the time upgrading the Android marketplace they are more interested in creating smartphone handsets that will compete with the iPhone because they believe there is more profit to be had down this particular avenue.

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