LG LEX8 Nano Technology LED TV at IFA

Posted on Sep 5 2010 - 12:11am by Richard Sharp

There was a lot of exciting TV’s on show at IFA 2010, some had interesting features and all manufactures went big with 3D but they were all shown up by LG’s new and innovative LEX8 Nano LED TV. The new TV utilizes a brand new kind of LCD panel; the LEX8 has an ultra thin layer in front of the direct LED back lighting. The neat thing here is the film is covered in microscopic holes that allow light to escape through resulting in brighter pictures and more vivid colour.

I spoke with George Mead of LG about the TV and he explained how LG has produced the worlds first Nano LED TV. We talked about other manufacturers and he explained what made LG different, I had already looked at the other manufactures offerings and agreed that LG has done a stellar job. The LEX8 looks attractive and impressive, the frame appears to be brushed aluminium and is only 8.8mm wide. There are thinner LED TV’s available but they only use edge LED where LG uses full LED backlighting, a major advantage.

This innovation means bright colours, fantastic motion control all with almost no reflection. You must remember we were under the lights of trade showroom, even with thousands of lights shining on the screen there was hardly any reflection and the picture looked great. The demo reel on the display booth mixed both slow and fast action film; this was useful when considering the brand new 400 Hz TruMotion technology. It was a pleasure to see fluid pictures with a crisp edge free of motion blur or wobbles. LG had prepared a fantastic variety of test footage which showed off the LEX8’s specs – very impressed.

The downfall of many LCD televisions is contrast can be sacrificed, LG have removed this problem by utilizing accurate/localised dimming. Dark pictures have depth even under the light of the showroom. It is obviously impossible to give a final verdict until we see it in normal conditions.

When LG put this beauty on sale it will come equipped with their new smart TV solution accompanied with magic motion remote – this will allow users to access features like catch up TV, TV on demand and web apps. The excitement at the show booth was plain to see and I left wanting one, I think this is the hottest TV of the year and I can’t wait until it is released.

Gallery of LG LEX8 TV

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