LG M1962D 19 Inch Ready LCD TV

Posted on Jun 26 2010 - 9:26am by Richard Sharp

The “ready” stands for HD ready, and the connectivity options on the LG M1962D 19” Ready LCD TV let you hook up to High Definition gadgets such as games consoles or Blu-ray machines. You can also use the two SCART sockets to connect to non HD devices and it can also function perfectly well as a quality PC monitor.


Picture Quality

The quality and richness of the image is really the key with any HD TV or computer monitor, and the LG M1962D 19” Ready LCD TV doesn’t let us down. The resolution of 1366 x 768 and the dynamic contract ratio of 50,000:1 give you a wonderfully detailed picture.


The screen image apart, what most draws the attention is probably the power and definition of the sound which this television is capable of emitting. The LG M1962D 19” comes with SRS TruSurround HD virtual surround sound, which provides a great audio quality.  


This is a very good value LCD TV, coming in at comfortably under £200 for internet shoppers.


The LG M1962D 19” Ready LCD TV is a great value buy for people who want a lot of flexibility but don’t want to pay more for it. For example, if you are looking for something which has the class to be the main television in a compact living room this fits the bill. Equally, it you need a quality bedroom telly, a laptop monitor or something which can be used to connect to fancy new games consoles or older machines you will find it all here. The HD ready aspect and the variety of connectivity options mean that it will be up to date and usable for a long time.

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