LG Releasing 12mp Camera Phone This Year

Posted on May 15 2009 - 12:52am by Richard Sharp

LG 12mp camera phone on its wayLG has released some pretty popular camera phones in the last few years and aren’t afraid to try and mix it in beating others to the punch on on occasion too. It has been officially announced that they will be releasing a 12 megapixel camera phone before the end of this year. No other details have really been confirmed yet but there’s already some debate over whether we really need and can cope with a 12mp camera phone.

Some sceptics question the increased storage requirements and how feasible it would be to try and send a 12mp photo on the mobile network. However, despite that, the LG announcement is far from being the first and the phone itself looks highly unlikely to be the first 12mp phone released. Sony Ericsson announced in February that they would be releasing the Idou, which is a touch screen 12mp camera phone, sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year so LG would have to really get their skates on to compete with that; if it turns out to be accurate of course.

So it would seem that the race to the finish line is well and truly on. Sony Ericsson has been getting some bad press lately about one of their phones being particularly late released. Maybe they can make amends and match the October release that has been rumoured on occasion. LG’s announcements was that their own 12mp camera would be one sale some time before christmas.

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