Life Size Gears Of War Products Coming Soon

Posted on Jun 2 2008 - 9:56pm by Richard Sharp

Gear Up With Gears GearBranded products based on films are always at the back of the publisher’s mind and with recent video games outstripping their movie alternatives in terms of turnover and popularity, it’s little surprise to learn that TriForce Sales LLC has purchased the rights from Epic Games to produce life sized replicas of weaponry and armour from the award winning game.

Gears of War was heralded as being the greatest game of its time and it has remained one of the most popular games since its release in 2006. DC Comics has also announced that it will produce a Gears of War comic based on the characters in the game while Gears of War:The Pendulum Wars is a book based on the game due to be published by Del Rey Books.

So, you’ll be able to don your home made C.O.G. Armour and grab your replica assault rifle and head over to the TriForce website in order to pre-order Gears of War gear from the beginning of July. Designs are based on a personally sculpted set created by Sid Gerrand of Nightmare Armor Studios – an individual and company renowned for creating lifelike and popular replicas of similar equipment.

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