Light and Sound Hat

Posted on Dec 29 2009 - 11:39am by Richard Sharp

light and sound hatThis is the first winter gadget in our winter gadgets series. We’ll ease our way in with something that is not going to save your life on top of Mount Everest, but might keep your ears warm as well as entertained when things get a bit nippy on your trip to the shops. The Light and Sound Hat is a music lover’s dream, as all you need to do is hook up your iPod or portable media player to the hat and it will playback all of your tunes via its built in speaker system. Best of all is the inclusion of an equaliser panel, located on the brim of the hat, which flashes, pulses and dances in time with the music that you are playing. So this is a winter gadget that keeps you warm, looks paradoxically cool and is also rechargeable via USB, eliminating the need for yet another plug adaptor. Overall a splendid choice for this winter and the next that is no more expensive than most woolly hats.

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