Lion Ultimatum makes your iOS UI look like OS X

Posted on Sep 21 2011 - 4:01pm by Thomas Sharp

If you could have make your iOS device display the look and feel of Apple’s Mac OS X, would you do it? Some people certainly would, that’s why some coders in the iOS jailbreaking community have come up with a mod called the Lion Ultimatum that turns your iOS into Mac OS X.

The Lion Ultimatum, created by college freshman and ModMyi forum member Timothy Elliot, is a fully functional iOS theme for jailbroken iPhones that goes beyond just skins and icons. The theme overhauls the whole iPhone and iPod Touch user interface, making it look like Mac OS X. The theme has working Finder windows that has the ability to drag and have multiple windows, a working Menu bar, a scrollable dock, the Dashboard and its widgets, mail, phone and SMS notifications, and many more.

The keyboard can also be modified to resemble the MacBook Pro or the Apple Keyboard’s design, thanks to its integration with ColorKeyboard.

According to Lifehacker, you can now download and install the them through an app on Theme Outlet. Here’s the installation procedures:

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Tap Manage Sources
  3. Tap Edit, then Add, then add source
  4. Go to the Changes section and install Theme Outlet
  5. Close Cydia, go to your home screen, and open Theme Outlet
  6. Browse for OS X Ultimatum and download it from there
  7. Open up Dreamboard, browse for the OS X Lion Ultimatum theme, and install it.

The Lion Ultimatum is only available to the iPhone and iPod Touch, and is not compatible with the iPad at the moment.


via: Lifehacker

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