Logic3 i-Station Base Dock For Apple iPad/2 Review

Posted on Mar 22 2011 - 11:03pm by Richard Sharp


We have been sent the latest iPad dock from Logic3, this mid-level dock has been built to work with the Apple iPad, upcoming iPad 2 and if it takes your fancy your iPhone or iPod touch. From the outset we were impressed, let’s take a look at the finer details to see if the looks and specs match the performance.

In the box

Logic3 i-Station Base

Power transformer

UK/USA hot swappable plugs

3.5mm adaptor

Remote control/battery


The i-Station is gloss black with aluminium end-caps. It looks modern and includes a blue strip light on either end. It looks good both with the iPad attached and without, you’d be proud to display on your bedside cabinet or desk. It’s extremely easy to set up too, simply slide the UK/USA adaptor onto the transformer, plug it in and slide in your iPad – easy. If you want to use it in landscape (it looks much better) you have to slide the connector out of the base and then attach it to the iPad.

Likewise you can use it with your iPhone/iPod. We tried it and it worked well – it did look a little odd though.


The i-station Base sounds decent for a mid-level dock, obviously it’s no contender for a high end system but it is around £200 cheaper. At £59.99 you get a decent dock that will easily fill a room with sound – not for parties but more for personal listening of music or to enhance movies/film clips.

The remote allows you to skip through tracks, mute, access the menu, select repeat/shuffle, play pause – basically everything media based can be controlled via the remote. It’s small too which is ideal if you like minimalistic things but bad if you are prone to losing things.


Logic3 has developed their own app to work with the i-Station, once its installed users can use it to set up a fully functioning world clock, weather station, use your iPad as a photo frame or manage playlists. The app functions pretty well but isn’t the best looking thing we’ve ever seen; a refresh would be very welcome here.


For £59.99 you’d be hard pushed to get a more versatile iPad dock, you get the most for your money although if you spent more you’d get a better sound and perhaps a more attractive look. We’d say this is a good everyday workhorse or a decent replacement for your bedside clock – it shows off your iPad nicely too – which has to be a bonus.

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