Logitech Has Thinnest Keyboard In The World

Posted on Sep 3 2008 - 11:02pm by Richard Sharp

You'd Think They'd Mention That It FloatsWe’re always hearing about the world’s thinnest television or the world’s lightest laptop and it seems that Logitech wants a piece of the world’s tiniest tag by creating, wait for it, the world’s thinnest keyboard. Other than being so thin you won’t find it from the side, it comes with the usual array of keyboard type functions – there’s buttons and legs and everything.

The keyboard offers a standard layout including function keys as well as multimedia navigation keys. It may be my previous reluctance to really pay keyboard technology any heed but it has some quite impressive sounding additions that offer a comfortable and quick typing set up.

It uses micro scissors, apparently, to gain an all over key distribution. If you’re typing really quickly or your fingers are a bit cold and you hit the edge of the keys, the micro scissors ensure that the key works as normal regardless of the contact you made.

The PerfectStroke technology offers a greater key travel so that your fingers can trip the light fantastic all day. No, it’s definitely still extremely difficult to get all that worked up over micro scissors, PerfectStroke, and key travel but nevertheless, I’m told that it’s all good and the keyboard will be released for a reasonable £40.

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