Logitech Lapdesk n700 Review

Posted on Jun 26 2010 - 1:37pm by Richard Sharp

If you find yourself looking at the picture below and saying, “that looks cool, but what is it?” then don’t worry; you won’t be the only one saying it. The Logitech Lapdesk n700 is an interesting hybrid between laptop stand, additional speakers for your PC and a cooling fan to stop your computer (and your legs) over heating as you rattle through those emails.


Innovative, sleek, white and quite likely to make people who visit you repeat the old “that looks cools but…?” question, the best point of the little Logic Lapdesk n700 is quite possibly the comfort factor. The padded base and well thought out viewing angle mean that you can use your laptop just as easily on the sofa, in bed, on a bean bag or in a rocking chair (top tip of the day: this is a great way for older readers to look up the Val Doonican website).

Notable Specifications

The Logitech Lapdesk n700 comes with great if not spectacular 2W speakers, which are powered through a USB connection and which give an improved sound without you having to worry about plugging in cumbersome units or having cords hanging about. The fan and speakers come with easy to use little switches, to help you regulate everything just the way you want it.


It’s comfortable, makes your laptop sound better, keeps your lap and laptop cool and means that you probably have even more flexibility about where and when you use your computer. Having said that, it can’t be regarded as an essential piece of equipment. Whether or not you are tempted probably depends whether you think that around £60 is a good price for something which you didn’t know you needed but which could improve your comfort factor and your sound quality and would certainly lead to a few questions being asked by visitors.

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