Logitech Launches New Gaming Peripheral Set

Posted on Aug 10 2010 - 2:20pm by Matt Jackson

Apparently you can use your PC for more than visiting Facebook when you should be working and you don’t have to play video games through a console connected to your PC – honestly, it’s a crazy world we live in. In all seriousness, though, PC gaming is often considered the hardcore gamers choice and if you’re into strategy games, massive RPGs, and online MMORPGs then your PC is quite probably your gaming system of choice. If so then the new Logitech G Series of peripherals is likely to be right up your street.

The 13 button mouse has, as you might imagine, 13 buttons which can be programmed according to your preference. It also offers pixel perfect laser tracking so you won’t be able to blame the mouse when it all goes wrong. The keyboard has a seriously funky LCD backlit screen and user customised colour backlit keys. You also get a wireless headset making it very handy for online gaming.

The programmable buttons on the mouse enable the user to add their own complex macros, which can include keystrokes, mouse clicks, and more in order to make pulling off some of the more ridiculous stunts in games a lot easier. They’ve been strategically placed to make it easy and quick to reach them and the whole mouse has been designed to offer the best possible grip and hand position for late night, marathon gaming sessions.

The GamePanel LCD screen on the keyboard is one to write home about too (well, assuming there’s anybody at home that might be interested). It displays information and statistics like ammunition levels, health, player rank, server IP, and a whole bundle more potentially giving you the competitive edge over opponents. There’s only 35 supported games at the moment but more are likely to follow.

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