MacBook Air Reduced In Price

Posted on Jul 5 2008 - 12:13am by Richard Sharp

MacBook Air Price ReductionApple is no stranger to popular products recently. Love it or loathe it it’s impossible to argue that the iPod hasn’t had a significant impact on personal audio devices and in culture in general. The iPhone, too, became a success of near monolithic proportions despite its detractors. The MacBook Air, while not perhaps as ubiquitous as the other two, made waves when it was released – or rather, it didn’t make waves. The thing is impossibly light and started a whole generation of ultra portable, ultra light notebook computers.

Good news for those that don’t yet own one and have been waiting for the inevitable price drop, because it’s arrived, and it’s not an entirely insignificant one either. The 64GB solid state drive model with a 1.8GHz processor has had a reasonable £300 shaved off its price. For most laptops that would vastly reduce the final tag, but that still leaves consumers needing to shell out around £1,700.

The move may be because of criticism that Apple has faced. While the laptop did cause a stir because of its incredible size, it also caused a stir because of its very low specifications for that price bracket. You could buy virtually any gaming or ultra high end laptop with ludicrously high specs for the same price although you would pay the price in terms of back ache.

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