MacBook Air to adopt faster and more powerful SSD

Posted on Jul 5 2011 - 3:57pm by Julius

Japanese tech website Macotakara said that Apple Inc. will be adopting a Toggle DDR 2.0 type of NAND Flash Memory as the basis of the company’s new MacBook Air solid-state drive (SSD). The website said an “Asian electronics component person” is the source of the information.

The new SSD is said to be soldered onto Macbook Air’s base circuit, which will make it harder for users to upgrade or replace if they want to.

According to the Japanese website, “Current SSD device Blade X-gale supporting SATA 2.6 will be abolished and new 19nm flash memory will be packaged into smaller chip and will be soldered on base circuit directly.”

The new drive supports 400 MBps speeds, and in conjunction with the new ONFI 3.0 standard, it will enable future controllers to run faster SSDs with “half the number of channels, providing both a cost and space savings.”

Apple is reported to have built around 400,000 next-generation MacBook Airs last month to be prepared for a launch that is yet to be announced soon. The highly anticipated notebooks are said to feature the latest Sandy Bridge processors by Intel, as well as the new Thunderbolt port.

While the new MacBook Air is expected to be released anytime soon, it will not ship until Apple’s next-generation OS is released. It was reported that Apple would freeze the unveiling of new Mac products until the OS X 10.7 Lion is released.


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